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Mmmly Soft Cookies (1.7 oz)



Mmmly Soft Cookies are a keto-friendly, low carb cookie. Mmmly Cookies are made from clean and wholesome ingredients that will curb your sweet tooth but still taste amazing. Diet friendly, both ketogenic and paleo, Mmmly Cookies are also free from gluten, grain, dairy and wheat.

Mmmly Cookies are made with real food ingredients. Non-GMO and organic ingredients. Mmmly cookies contain no cane sugar and no sugar alcohols. This means you get to enjoy your favorite low carb, keto snack without the gut root caused by sugar alcohols. Mmmly Cookies are great for supporting digestive health as they contain prebiotic fiber, making Mmmly Cookies a functional cookie!

  • Made with Prebiotic Fiber
  • Plant-Based Protein
  • 2g added sugar from apples
  • Paleo & Keto-Friendly

Designed to keep you full!