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The Elite Donut

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We crafted our protein donuts to be an anytime treat. They're protein-packed, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and soy free so you can indulge guilt-free. 


Birthday Cake: 13g Protein + 6g Net Carbs*

*36g Carbs - 3g Fiber - 10g Allulose - 17g Erythritol = 6g Net Carbs


Double Chocolate: 13g Protein + 5g Net Carbs*

*33g Carbs - 4g Fiber - 10g Allulose - 14g Erythritol = 5g Net Carbs


Cinnamon Sugar: 12g Protein + 1g Net Carbs

*32g Carbs - 3g Fiber - 10g Allulose - 18g Erythritol = 1g Net Carbs


*Elite Donuts will be shipped frozen and should be put in the freezer or refrigerator once arrived*