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Long-Islander News Features Mission Nutrition!

Long-Islander News Features Mission Nutrition!

A Mission (Nutrition) To Teach Healthy Habits

By Janee Law


Newly-opened Mission Nutrition in Huntington village seeks to pair health-conscious customers with innovative food-makers’ products to provide a unique, healthy experience.

The family-run business opened its 307 Main St. doors on Sept. 15. It’s backed by co-partners and brothers Chris, Anthony and Matthew Giordano, and their cousin John Grillea.

Chris, 37, of Huntington, said the group opened the business's Hicksville location in June 2015 because there was “a lack of retail involvement with education and discovery.”

“You can’t always get that when you’re ordering online,” he said. “We wanted to provide a place where people can come, learn, and be educated on products to make important lifestyle changes.”


Huntington was eyed for the second Mission Nutrition location, which spans 2,000 square feet, because the town “is a little bit further along than the rest of the Island, as far as the health goals and as far as what we do,” said Anthony, 33, of Bethpage.

He added, “We felt like we would be a perfect fit for this town.”

The store sells supplements, protein powder, along with healthy food alternatives for breads, everyday snacks, ice cream, pizza, pasta, and more.

Anthony said he enjoys seeing the payoff of a customer making a transition to a healthier lifestyle.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “You really could change the quality of someone’s life, their overall feeling and how they look at life, which all stems from what they put into their body.”

A customer in the store Thursday, Rick Koller, 49, of Huntington, said there aren’t enough stores like Mission Nutrition on Long Island.

“I’ve been doing this for years and when I walked in here I couldn’t believe what they carry,” Koller said. “The only way I could get [these brands] is by ordering them online. To see a store this progressive, especially here on the east coast, is pretty cool.”

The brands sold by Mission Nutrition include Bulletproof, KNOW Foods, NutraBio, Garden of Life, Onnit, Real Good Pizza and Halo Top.

“We go out and pick the best brands that are doing the right thing, using the right ingredients, and doing the right farming,” Chris said.

Now with their second location up and running, the goal for the family-owned business is to spread health and nutrition awareness, and get involved within the community.

Chris said, “We want to help, we want to provide a service, and we want to provide a place where people can go to change their lives.”