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Mission Nutrition

We’re on a Mission to Teach Healthy Habits

Mission Nutrition™ was started by a group offamily members who are extraordinarily passionate about enhancing the health of the community. We are on a mission to seek and provide the absolute best products, formulated with the best ingredients and taste in mind; from our family to yours.

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Enjoy the savory flavors and crunchy texture of these tortilla chips. Dusted with sea salt, they're perfect as snacks on their own or paired with your choice of dip.

3 Net Carbs Per Serving (9g Total - 6g Fiber)

This makes them an excellent choice for those following low-carb diets and keto meal plans.

Product Spotlight

Almond Flour Keto Crackers

Our brand new Almond Flour Keto Crackers are the crunchy snack you’ve been waiting for. Make your keto journey more delicious.

• 2-3 net carbs*
• 11g of fats. 
• NO added sugar. 

It's crunch time!

The Most-Overlooked Food Group in Ketogenic and Low-Carb Diets

The Most-Overlooked Food Group in Ketogenic and Low-Carb Diets

When you hear about ketogenic diets, what foods come to mind first?
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Sweeteners on Keto

Sweeteners on Keto

You don’t have to give up sweet-tasting treats on keto. You have plenty of keto-friendly sweeteners to choose from, including allulose and stevia.
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KetoberFest is back!

KetoberFest is back!

It's what you've all been waiting for...

We are excited to announce our favorite event, KETOBERFEST, is back and will be better than ever!

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