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Schoolyard Snacks Keto Puffs (3.5 oz)


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  • Keto Friendly Chips with Low Carbs and Low Sugar... Get the benefit of delicious snacks without the guilt from high carb and calorie alternatives. We replaced the Carbs in Conventional cheese puffs with high-quality protein to bring you the healthiest Keto Puffs that Taste Savory and Delicious, Just Like the Traditional Cheddar Cheese Snacks You Love!
  • High Protein Snack & Low Carb Substitute... Enjoy the benefits of a high protein snack without the extra calories. These puffs are Designed for Maximum Taste and Crunch! Great alternative to Protein Bars, which have similar nutritionals
  • Keto Snacks... Thesee Low Carb Chips are a Diet Friendly way to still enjoy your favorite foods. Individually Wrapped Bags make it Easy to Share our Cheese Puffs with your Friends!
  • Keto Approved & More: Schoolyard Snacks keto Cheese Puffs are not only Keto Approved, but are also free of artificial Sweeteners, Sugar, Colors, Soy and Nuts. Non-GMO. Made in the USA in a NSF and Safe Quality Food-certified facility.
  • Started By Two Big Kids Who Never Grew Up: After graduating college and officially entering adulthood, we decided to start limiting our sugar intake. But we quickly realized everything we loved to eat growing up was suddenly off limits. It was our yearning for childhood comfort foods that made us start School yard Snacks. We've reinvented timeless favorite cereals and snacks we all love into guilt-free treats that we feel good about eating every day (and night, let’s be real!)

3.5 Servings per Bag (1 oz per Serving)