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Mission Nutrition would like to thank everyone who participated in this past weekends #nyketomeetup. We were privileged to host such an amazing group and we look forward to continuing the growth of this community. 

Special thanks to @keto_restartann_ for coordinating the details of the event. 
@keto_pek and @baconand_megs for both sharing their personal ketogenic journey and accomplishments. Your stories were moving and inspiring to everyone!
@kimchi.and.collards for getting the entire room involved by having everyone share their own personal experience with keto. 

Deana of @gooddeesmix who gave a stellar presentation not only on her delicious baked goods but how she over came many obstacles as a start up company. 
To all our vendors who participated in demonstrating your amazing keto products!
And to our videographer @jamesmorano for capturing great content! Videos coming soon :)

Thank you all again sincerely! 💚🙏🏻