Vegan, Whole30, Paleo, Keto…what's best?

With so many lifestyle choices available it sometimes can be overwhelming.  I know there’s been many times I have asked myself “how do I know what’s right for me?”

First step is you need to stop blindly following someone else’s nutrition protocol and begin making a nutrition strategy that works specifically for you.  This all starts with research and exploring your own body because after all each one of us is different.  Your ideal lifestyle will depend on your goals, your activity level, your body type, your genetics, your dietary restrictions, daily routines, work schedule and many other parameters.

My first initiative was to research a few lifestyles of interest and dissect what each is about.  My advice is to learn from all their different nutritional blueprints, even if you don’t plan on following them, and be sure to take notes of a few worthwhile common values.

I immediately started to identify food restrictions and what’s permissible based on the protocol while matching up what I enjoy eating.  Initially I was drawn to a paleo diet because of the generous amounts of meats, veggies and starches I could enjoy along with a moderate amount of fruit.  Paleo taught me about recognizing the quality of food, reading nutritional labels, identifying “other” ingredients and most importantly to eat real food.  Maintaining a paleo lifestyle for quite sometime granted me very pleasing results, but that didn’t stop me from exploring myself further.

Soon I began to research ketogenic and the benefits of eating a high healthy fat diet with very low carbs.  Initially doing such a low carb diet came across as extreme, but the rewards seemed very appealing to me.  The science was showing an increase in cognitive function, increase in sustained energy, no “hangry” feelings, reduction in inflammation and the ability to become a fat burning machine.  Shortly after it was off to keto and fast forward today I feel I have found what works best for me accommodating the lifestyle I live.

Taking what I learned from paleo and incorporating that into eating the foods I love with keto allowed me to feel the best I ever had.  Being an entrepreneur, it requires countless hours of work and I heavily rely on keto for cognitive function and an energy level that stays consistent throughout the day.  In conjunction with keto I strategically eat my meals within an 8-hour window and outside there is no hunger or cravings.  I’m able to wake up early, train fasted, get to work and do not consume food till noon.  These results got me to the best shape of my life thus far and my body fat has dropped down to 11%.

It's important to remember I’m sharing my experience and this is your body and your decisions should come based on your experiences.             

Commit to a lifestyle change for 30 days and see how you feel.  You may consider keeping it simple to start and for example maybe eliminate sugar, dairy or gluten for 30 days and then add it back in a sitting to reevaluate how you feel.

Now go explore and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle!


-Chris G

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