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Agmapure (60 Serving)


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AgmaPure® Agmatine Sulfate is the purest, most powerful nitric oxide pump supplement there is.

How would we describe our agmantine supplement, AgmaPure®? It's the next generation product of agmatine sulfate — the purest, cleanest & most powerful nitric oxide pump available.

Currently, AgmaPure® is the most unique green agmatine sulfate in our industry. It’s of the highest purity, produced by natural biological process and away from the neurohazard impurity Arcaine, which exists in almost all the other brands of agmatine sulfate. Most other agmatine supplements contain impurities - that’s NOT the case with AgmaPure®.

    AgmaPure® creates an immediate boost in nitric oxide delivering hard, dense pumps.
    Agmatine sulfate improves blood flow and nutrient transport to working muscles, resulting in significantly greater endurance.
    Improved nutrient delivery ensures vital nutrients to muscles post workout, which speeds up recovery.
    AgmaPure® also acts as a neurotransmitter / neuromodulator in the brain, which improves focus during training.

Who can take agmatine sulfate?

AgmaPure® agmatine sulfate can be taken by any level athlete seeking better performance, pumps, and recovery.

How many scoops do I take?

Consume 1 scoop in 6-8oz of water, or your favorite pre/intra/post workout beverage, 15-20 minutes prior to training. You may consume 1 to 3 scoops of AgmaPure® per serving based on desired effects.

How much caffeine does AgmaPure® contain?

AgmaPure® contains zero caffeine. It is a stimulant free method for increasing vasodilation, blood flow, pumps, and recovery.

Does AgmaPure® contain creatine?

AgmaPure® contains ONLY 100% pure agmatine sulfate - the premier nitric oxide boosting ingredient on the market.

Why no L-Arginine?

Simply put, Arginine offers poor bioavailability, meaning it’s essentially useless for significantly boosting nitric oxide (and PUMPS!). AgmaPure®, however, is incredibly bioavailable and proven in numerous clinical trials to enhance vasodilation, N.O. production, and cognitive function.

What can I stack AgmaPure® with?

Pre-workout: Stack 1-3 scoops in your VasogenXT™ or K-XR, for improved pumps.

Intra-workout: Mix 1-3 scoops in your favorite intra-workout beverage or Aminogex Ultra BCAAs, for better endurance.

Post-workout: Add 1-3 scoops in your S.M.A.R.T. Creatine, or mix with your ProtoLyte™ Protein, for post workout recovery gains.