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Chicharrones (Fried Pork Rinds)


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These melt-in-your-mouth Chicharrones are a delicious all-natural alternative to the traditional pork rind. Sourced exclusively from sustainably-raised hogs, these chicharrones are kettle-fried in lard, resulting in a lighter and crispier texture. This process also minimizes waste, as a part of 4505's commitment to whole animal utilization and sustainable production.

Seasoned using the finest spices available, 4505 Chicharrones are a perfectly balanced salty snack for any occasion. Whether you prefer the best-selling Classic Chili and Salt, Smokehouse BBQ which shares its seasoning blend with our rib rub at our flagship restaurant, or the spicy kick of the Jalapeño Cheddar, we’re sure you’ll love this new take on an old favorite.