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Chick N' Skin Chips (2 oz)


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Protein Packed Big Crispy Pieces (22G Protein) – Just like the delicious, crunchy flavor you enjoy with mom’s fried chicken. These crispy chick n skin fried chicken skins are just the right balance of crunchiness but without the extra grease that is in pork skins.

Keto Friendly, Low Carb, High Protein Snacks with many Flavor options, MSG Free – Our crispy chicken skin chips are lower in carbs making it a smarter alternative to carb-heavy snacks, pork rinds, beef jerky, fish skin chips, or unhealthy sugary choices. Free of unhealthy additives or preservatives

Game Day, Tailgating, and Backyard Fun – Chicken skin snacks make a great addition to those backyard barbecues. Make every party or Game day more exciting with chicken n skin chips for you and your friends, Picnics with your spouse, Spending time in the great outdoors camping, or just sneaking in a late-night snack at home

Food Topper Replacement - Crunchy & flavorful salad croutons alternative. Make keto nachos using our fried Chick N Skin instead of tortilla chips. Our crispy fried chicken skin chips best served with your favorite dipping sauce