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Keto Strawberry (Jam 12 oz)


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With only 1G of net carbs per serving, our strawberry keto jam is your new companion for low carb bread, chaffles, and sugar free sweets.

Unlike other keto approved jams that water down strawberries and use thickeners to create a subpar jelly substitute, we used real ingredients with smart culinary techniques to bring you the perfect dupe. We took low glycemic winter melon then soaked these pieces with strawberries to create a traditional chunky jam texture that's nearly sugar free. To finish it off, we used chia seeds and prebiotic fiber to help create a good consistency and mouthfeel!

  • Added chia seeds for extra texture
  • Low in sugar, carbs and calories: 15 calories per TBSP
  • Sweetened with monk fruit ONLY
  • Gluten free, soy free, and vegan

  • Just grab your knife and see the way our low carb jam spreads for yourself. Then let your taste buds do the rest of the talking on this sweet berry spread.