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Daily Essential Enzymes (Bio-Aligned)


As we age, hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme secretion may both decline. Add to that the many additional factors—poor eating habits, inadequate chewing, “eating on the run,” and over-consumption of alcohol—that put stress on the digestive process. Essential Enzyme is a Bio-Aligned Formula that contains a wide array of enzymes that break down proteins, fats, milk sugar, fiber, and carbohydrates in a wide pH range. It aids the body’s natural digestive process, helping to maximize the body’s utilization of the nutrients in the diet while supporting digestive comfort.

What is Essential Enzymes?

Essential Enzymes is an expertly formulated compilation of digestive enzymes that break down multiple food groups: carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.

How does Essential Enzymes work?

It aids the body’s natural digestive process and helps maximize the body’s utilization of the nutrients in the diet by helping to break down foods into smaller components that can be absorbed.

What are the benefits of Essential Enzymes?

Essential Enzymes breaks down nutrients in more digestive stages and pH levels than common enzyme formulas. Essential Enzymes also comes in convenient travel packs that are easy to take with you. It is available in either regular gelatin or vegetarian capsules.

Who might benefit from Essential Enzymes?

Since this product increases nutrient absorption, it can benefit anyone concerned with supporting and optimizing the complete digestion of the foods they eat.