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Low Carb Mini Cookies (Snickerdoodle) 2 oz


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You butter believe you won’t be able to put this bag down once you tear it open! High Key bite-sized Snickerdoodle Cookies are the perfect blend of cinnamon, vanilla and yes…butter! The golden color and sweet cinnamon smell will take you right back to grandma’s kitchen. Enjoy them straight from the bag or use them to make a mouth-watering pie crust. (Psst… we won’t judge if you don’t feel like sharing!)

  • KETO-CERTIFIED 1g Net Carbs. <1gg Sugar. 3g Protein
  • GLUTEN-FREE Made with Almond Flour, Eggs, and Butter
  • LOW-CARB Made with only simple, clean ingredients so you can fill up on great taste without slowing down
  • SUGAR-FREE Naturally sweetened with a blend of Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract ,and Stevia Extract

Get ready to lick your lips and dig in! These soft and comforting Snickerdoodle Mini Cookies are so delicious, you’ll wonder how they made them without sugar.