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K-XR Pre-Workout (30 Servings)

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K-XR Pre-Workout supplement is the solution to your high stimulant pre-workout needs. K-XR delivers everything you need, when you need it prior to training.


    400mg caffeine split between fast acting and slow release forms, for ENDLESS energy during the most intense training sessions.

    Patented CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine, Theobromine and L-Taurine to boost endurance, stamina, pumps, and hydration.

    K-XR Pre-Workout supplement provides potent focus boosters including Choline Bitartrate and Huperzine A, to give tunnel vision focus and superior mind-muscle connection.

    Longer workouts with greater intensity yields superior results in the gym, and bigger gains all around!

How many scoops of pre-workout supplement do I take?

On training days, consume 1 scoop of the supplement 15-30 minutes pre-workout. If you are sensitive to caffeine, assess tolerance with ½ scoop for your initial serving.

Should I take more than 1 scoop?

NO! We do not recommended to ever consume more than 1 scoop at a time.

How much caffeine does K-XR Pre-Workout contain?

K-XR contains a total of 400mg caffeine from its tri-stage blend of Caffeine Citrate, Caffeine Anhydrous and Infinergy™ DiCaffeine Malate.

Does K-XR contain creatine?

K-XR is a creatine-free, high stimulant, focus, and endurance pre-workout supplement, that provides ingredients needed immediately prior to training for superior performance.

What can I stack K-XR with?

K-XR stacks perfectly with any of the following non-stimulant VMI Supplements: Vasogen Powder or Pill, AgmaPure, M.A.R.T. Creatine.

Can K-XR Pre-Workout be combined with a fat burner?

It is NOT recommended to stack K-XR with any other stimulant based products.