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Keto Greens (20 Servings)


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Perfect Keto Greens with MCTs is the FIRST greens supplement designed specifically for people following low-carb and ketogenic diets. But you don't have to be low-carb to reap the benefits - our greens powder is a delicious and convenient way for anyone to ensure adequate micronutrient intake.  

We combine the micronutrients from cold-pressed raw fruits and vegetables with MCTs and digestive enzymes so that your body can package and absorb the nutrition without unwanted spikes in insulin or blood sugar.

Perfect Keto Greens Powder with MCTs is doctor-developed to ensure you get your regular dose of fruits and vegetables, while staying keto-friendly.

No fillers. No additives. Our Keto Micro Greens contains no fillers, corn starch, or fiber additives. Just pure, plant-sourced nutrition from 26 different vegetables and fruits.

How to use

You can mix Keto Micro Greens with water, coconut milk, almond milk, shakes, or any low- or no-carb drink. No blender required. Comes in two flavors: lemon and orange.

Get the nutrition of 26 fruits and vegetables in one keto-friendly scoop.