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KOS - Love you Berry Much (Goji Berry Popsicle) 13.29 oz


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A tasty & energizing antioxidant-rich red juice blend.

  • Convenient and healthy alternative to sugary drinks

  • Packed with polyphenols for circulatory health

  • Delicious Goji Berry Popsicle flavor (44 servings)

Rejuvenate Your Skin And Daily Energy With This SuperFruit Punch

KOS Reds Blend is an excellent way to start your day. Think of it as a superfuel to stimulate your energy, lower stress and purify your system. This energizing blend will give you the confidence that you kicked off your day with a natural gift for your whole body.

The KOS Reds Blend combination of complementary nutrients is designed to boost metabolism and provide energy throughout the day with only TWO grams of sugar!