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Light Spaghetti 8 oz


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  • FiberGourmet pasta is a low net carb, low calorie, high fiber and high protein OU kosher certified pasta. FiberGourmet pasta has less calories and carbs than standard pasta alternatives and all of the competition. We keep fiber high and calories low.

  • Don’t settle for the smelly, foul-looking, slimy taste of shirataki pasta, chickpea pasta and bean pastas. FiberGourmet is the only pasta that replaces flour with a flour-like zero-calorie starch so that your pasta actually looks and tastes like real pasta

  • Each 2 oz serving of our low calorie and low carb pastas provides you with 19g of fiber without sacrificing the texture and taste of standard pasta. With an incredibly low count of just 130 calories per serving (standard pasta is 210 calories), FG provides you with all the flavor and texture of standard pasta and none of the guilt. Our pure blend of all natural ingredients provides you with 76% of your daily fiber requirements.

  • FiberGourmet pastas are endorsed by leading nutritionists for the various health benefits and nutritionals. Diabetics appreciate the lower glycemic index (23g net carbs vs. 41g net carbs) as well as consumers on the keto and weight watchers diet. If you are looking for more fiber and more taste with less calories and carbs, look no further!

  • Fiber Gourmet is produced using natural, non-GMO ingredients, has zero soy and tastes nothing like shirataki noodles. Unlike the competition, our first ingredient is not water. All ingredients are sourced in the USA. Our products are made in a state of the art, FDA-certified manufacturing facility meeting the highest cGMP standards. Our fiber and calories are lab tested for accuracy. Does not contain artificial colors or flavors.