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Love-The-Taste - Low Carb Thin Sliced Bread (Plain)

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Minimize your calories and carbs with the Thin-Sliced version of our classic plain bread!

Same great bread, same great taste, same great nutritionals, just sliced 1/2 as thin so that 1 Traditional Slice = 2 Thin Slices

Though our traditional plain bread may be perfect for french toast, beefy sandwiches, and toast, sometimes you just want a couple thin slices to hold together a sandwich - now you can.

  • 0g net carbs per slice = no blood sugar impact. Perfect for diabetics, low carb dieters, atkins diaters, south beach dieters, and more! The ingredients used digest significantly more slowly than normal bread which means you stay satiated longer and your body doesn't turn the excess sugar into fat. This is very evident by the fact that of the 8g of total carbohydrates per slice, 7g of it is fiber. Perfect for diabetics, low carb dieters, atkins diaters, south beach dieters, and more!
  • Low calorie bread - only 45 calories per 2slices. Most low carb breads contain huge amounts of extra fat and calories to make them taste good. Why waste calories when you don't need to? Even low carb dieters need to keep calories low.
  • A perfect bread for diabetics and dieters.
  • Incredibly low GI. No soy.
  • Lab tested nutritional facts for accuracy.
ngredients: wheat protein isolate, vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, modified wheat starch, flaxseed meal, olive oil, chicory root, yeast, salt, apple cider vinegar.
Allergens: Contains wheat. Baked in a facility that uses wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.
Storage: Use / freeze by package date. Once opened, refrigerate 2 weeks or freeze.
Kosher: Not kosher
Nutritional Lab Testing: The nutritional information for this product has been independently lab tested
Net Carbs: Net Carbs calculated as Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (if applicable)