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MCT Oil Powder (Matcha Latte)


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This Matcha Latte with MCT Oil Powder delivers 100% pure MCTs combined with antioxidant-rich matcha. Matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than traditional green tea.  

  • Weight management
  • Mental clarity and sharpness
  • Long-lasting energy for physical activity
  • Healthy cellular function.

Each scoop contains the highest possible grade of organic ceremonial matcha that has beenartisanally grown in Japan. Its antioxidant profile, along with its moderate caffeine levels (1/2 the caffeine of a cup of coffee), give you a sustained boost of energy and focus— without the crash.

We don’t use any additives or fillers.Our Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder contains no fillers, cornstarch, or fiber additives. Just ceremonial-grade Japanese matcha, MCT from coconuts, and a hint of stevia leaf for the perfect keto latte.

How to use

Mix Perfect Keto Matcha Latte With MCT Oil Powder in your coffee, tea, or smoothie. Mix it with almond milk and a splash of vanilla extract for a Matcha Tea Latte. No blender required.

When to use

 Your body begins to burn MCTs for fuel almost immediately. Make yourself a matcha latte in the morning by adding hot water to feel satisfied and focused for hours. Or, add the powder to your mid-day drink to support stable energy levels. It’s also a great addition to any pre-workout snacks. Because our MCT Oil Powder contains ZERO additivesor sugar, you'll get hours of sustained energy. Perfect for those who want the benefits of liquid MCT oil without the mess. This Matcha Latte With MCT Oil Powder is a great source of fuel for your body. Plus, it tastes amazing. Each tub contains 20 matcha lattes.