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Nuts 'N More (High Protein Spreads)


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Nuts 'N More was founded by fitness and nutrition enthusiasts who were looking for fortified peanut butters and other healthy sources of protein for themselves and their clients. All natural butters can be chunky and hard to spread. Nuts-'N-More created a unique recipe for these fortified butters, and a natural process that simply involves crushing the nuts and blending the ingredients in a way that achieves the finest texture of all natural butters.

The result is the products being brought to market now – spreadable and incredibly delicious, all-natural peanut and almond butters that have 14 grams of protein per serving, without any extra calories or fat. Simple and all natural! Nuts-'N-More quickly expanded from fortified peanut and almond butters to other varieties - all of which are all natural and fortified with whey isolate and flaxseed.