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Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder 30 Servings


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Fuel for Body & Brain

Creamy and Delicious Dr. Formulated Keto Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder by Garden of Life is more than just a great-tasting way for those on a ketogenic diet to easily meet their goals. Butter, specifically grass fed butter, naturally contains vitamins, minerals, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Just one scoop of our Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder delivers 8 grams of fat and 1.5 Billion CFU of probiotics in a convenient, easy-to-mix powder which can be used in coffee, shakes and smoothies, and cooking. This product is free of rBST, rBGH and antibiotics, and is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified Gluten-Free, Keto Certified, Certified Paleo Friendly and Certified Kosher.

Dr. Formulated Keto Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder

Dr. Formulated Keto Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder is a delicious, super convenient way to add fat with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, MCT and CLA to your diet – particularly for those who are always busy, on-the-go or traveling.