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Siete Hot Sauce 5 oz.


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They say that four trees define the smoke of Texas: hickory, oak, pecan, and mesquite. But if you ask us, that statement is missing a key ingredient. Chipotle! The smokey and spicy dried peppers add that can't quite put your finger on it, fire alarm checking, depth of flavor that makes salsas cravable. Our chipotle hot sauce accentuates the chile's flavor profile with morita and puya peppers and a hint of orange peel. Try to use just one dash!


We'll tell you the secret: it's the puya peppers. What's the question? That's up to you; we're just making hot sauces here! Stroll into any casual restaurant in Mexico and you'll find a sauce like this on the table. Our traditional hot sauce is a loving homage to those table sauces, given the Siete spin by including nutrient dense ingredients like flax seed, chia, and golden beets.