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Snack House Puffs (Sweet)


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It's All in the Puff

Pro-Puffs™ are a pure whey and casein protein based, low carb snack food with no artificial sweeteners, fillers, preservatives or dyes. Additionally, Pro-Puffs™ are gluten and guilt free! Delve into our 10 mouth watering flavors, each handful giving you the perfect crunch and flavor. Best of all, our pouches are resealable, letting you take these on the go for a quick snack or even as a meal replacement!

Enjoy the guilt free pleasure of the Snack House Keto Cereal. Each bowl of this Keto Cereal has 15g of protein, 3g net carbs and only 123 calories. Be careful though, once you open this bag up you may not want to put it down! These are the perfect snack for low carb diets, keto diets, and anyone who likes tasty snacks. This Keto Cereal is also ideal for busy families, and they are good for the whole family. Keto Cereal is the best option as an alternative to unhealthy cereals for kids breakfasts, or as an after school snack or sports snack. Compare this Keto Cereal to the label of any other breakfast cereal, and we will come out on top! Less carbs and fat, with more healthy protein!