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Organic Spirulina Powder 5.3 oz


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Why you'll love it

  • This spiral shaped green microalgae is one of the most nourishing superfoods.
  • Contains a host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • A great source of vitamins B12, A and thiamine
  • A source of quality, easily digested vegetarian protein
  • Offers all essential amino acids along with a unique fatty acid known as GLA or Gamma linolenic acid - an anti-inflammatory compound found in mothers milk
  • Contains high amounts of chlorophyll
  • Has traditionally been used to promote alkalinity and detoxification
  • No fillers, preservatives, additives, sweeteners, carriers, stabilizers or excipients

How to use it

  • Perfect for smoothies, smoothie bowls, juices, water and more.