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Turmeric and Reishi Infused GOLD 6.98 OZ


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Our jobs, relationships, and happiness throughout the day all depend on the ability to rest and repair at night.  A nightly cup of gold can:

  • promote restful sleep - with reishi mushroom, known as the “grounding mushroom”. 
  • nourish the body - with traditional Ayurvedic herbs and zero sugar.
  • support relaxation - with lemon balm extract, also known as the “calming herb”.

The soothing taste of this creamy, turmeric tea is the result of a unique blend of mushrooms, lemon balm, ginger, and other superfoods containing zero sugar and essential nutrients for nightly relaxation made easy & enjoyable.

You can enjoy all of organifi’s superior superfoods and incredible adaptogens at any time of day; but most customers prefer gold in the evening.  That’s because the ingredients work synergistically to support restful sleep, recovery, and a healthy response to stress, which are essential to wake up feeling great.