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Keto Emulsified MCT Oil


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VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil is a naturally sweetened, keto-friendly dietary supplement created to support greater energy, heightened mental acuity and increased fat burning. Medium Chain Triglycerides supply the mind and body with a source of readily-accessible, carb-free fuel that is quickly metabolized by cells to increase energy & focus, supporting productivity and work output. VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil contains 100% liquid MCT oil, supplying 7.2 grams of high quality emulsified medium-chain triglycerides derived from coconuts.
7.2g Emulsified MCTs | 4.2g Caprylic Acid | 31 Servings
Promotes Fat Burning • Boosts Energy & Focus • Supports Weight Loss • Non-Dairy • Keto & Paleo Friendly • Mixes Instantly

    VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT oil provides the body with clean burning, high octane fuel that it can use to perform at a higher level mentally and physically.*

    MCTs can be converted in the liver into ketone bodies, which provides fast-acting energy for the brain and skeletal muscle tissue.*

    MCT oil has been noted to increase the release of two hormones that promote feelings of fullness in the body: peptide YY and leptin. When consumed before a meal, this may help you eat fewer calories during meal time, supporting weight loss*

    MCT oil can increase fat burning and reduce the need for carbohydrates during exercise. They also have been noted to reduce lactate buildup, which may improve performance during training.*


How many servings of VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil should I take?

Consume 1 serving (1 tablespoon) of VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil with your morning coffee, protein shake or hot / cold beverage of choice.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. They are a unique type of fatty acid naturally occurring in coconut oil, that provide a faster source of energy for the mind and body than most longer chain fatty acids.

Why use VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil ?

VMI Sports® Emulsified MCTs provide the body with a fast-acting fuel, whether you follow a ketogenic diet or high-carb diet. MCTs derived from coconut oil have been documented to support healthy metabolic function, mental clarity, digestion and cardiovascular function when consumed regularly.

What is VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil better?

The emulsification process allows two liquids to easily blend together that normally would not, essentially helping your body absorb and digest fat properly. Our emulsified MCT oil mixes instantly in your hot or cold beverage of choice - easily dissolving into your coffee as a non-dairy creamer. You can even use it as a delicious topping to ice cream or oatmeal!

How does VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil help to promote fat burning?

When following a ketogenic diet, fat intake is high, while carb intake is low. MCTs can help you stay in nutritional ketosis as they stimulate the production of ketones (compounds produced during the metabolism of fats) to give cells energy in the absence of glucose.

When can I use VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil, other than prior to training?

VMI Sports® Emulsified MCT Oil contains no stimulants and can be taken anytime during the day when you want some fast-acting energy. It can be taken first thing in the morning mixed into your cup of coffee, as well as before bedtime for a fat-fueled nightcap.